Look alive sweetcheeks. Garettas’ name, litter’s the game. I’ve been rolling around these gutters for almost 10 years now, and let me tell you baby doll it aint no waltz through the park… I can tell you that much.

I never dreamt of travelin much back when I lived in the Boro. We cigs wasn’t designed to be tossed about all willy nilly like, you see. We was born to be amongst a more dignified congregation. We was ‘supposed to be up on movie screens and behind back stages, not kicked ‘round with lowly creepy crawlers on curbsides.

I ‘member…

From Green Spaces to Urban Gardening and Beyond. A video by Chelsea Yuipco

By Carly Kay

BERLIN — Thermometers sky rocketed in late June to a record breaking 104 degrees as Berliners sought refuge in the foliage of hundreds of trees that line municipal streets. Two young men clambered over the edge of a city water fountain in Prenzlauer Berg while the black asphalt bakes under the blazing sun.

Although Germany is only just beginning to learn how to cope with unprecedented heat, the UN warns that these inhospitable conditions may be the new summer standard, as a result of…

By Carly Kay

As I walked through a busy street corner on my fifth day in Berlin, I couldn’t help but keep my eyes glued to the cobblestones that appeared beneath my feet. Occasionally, I lifted my head to glance at the building numbers above, but quickly returned to the self-assigned quest I had tasked myself with.

When I finally arrived at number 174 Köpenicker Straße, I suddenly became uncertain whether the sweat dribbling down my crooked spine could be attributed to the record breaking 104-degree weather or to my nerves, from standing in front of a scene I had…

By Carly Kay

The familiar rumble of plastic suitcase wheels against cobblestoned streets was suddenly drowned out by the pulse of techno music and a cacophony of languages as I finally dragged my luggage over the threshold of Generator Hostel in Berlin Mitte.

The words “You are crazy my child. …

Carly Kay

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